Self-love happens when you find yourself in His love.
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When Nicki Minaj came out with Anaconda the media was like


But now that J.lo & Iggy  have came out with the equally explicit “Booty “they’re like




Stay mad! Nicki is QUEEN


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Why did you recommend the Bible as a book to read for positivity and inspiration? You have to pick it apart to find anything that sounds okay. There's animal sacrifice, and death, and homophobia. Looking to Jesus is a good way to keep positive, but the Bible is not the place to look.
I said:


Hey. I recommend the Bible because it reminds people of how beautiful they are and how beautiful God sees people. When you read sections of it, it may seem strange to you by today’s standard but when read in its entirety it is very uplifting and its correlation to why things are the way they are in this world is unparalleled to anything else in this world. The book is soo alive and touches me in way I didn’t think was possible for a book to do. I recently do this thing where I let the audio Bible play when I go to sleep. The dreams I had were so incredible vivid  and I could remember them all. Also my sleep was a lot more peaceful, I recommend that you try that before you pass judgement on it. Anyway stay blessed, my friend.

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The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention.
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Daddy duties
God never loses heart. Never.
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shoobie: an tourist. a person that wears shoes on the beach.

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Polo from Head to Toe 
Model : Marcus . 24 . Dallas
Submitted and Photographed by : Jalonni 
IG : @lonniiii

Trying to make plans with your friends..

Boyz ‘N Motion were the original Twerk Team.


please stop calling Black children who have different interests and tastes white

it’s damaging and alienating

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